Thursday, September 16th Agenda

  • Rose Blozinski, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling


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  • Gam-Anon’s Role in the Recovery of Loved Ones Affected by Problem Gambling and in the Recovery of our Gamblers.
    Regina K., CEO Gam-Anon International Service Office

Regina will present a brief history of Gam-Anon, the purposes of Gam-Anon, the relationship between Gam-Anon and Gamblers Anonymous, and how the Gam-Anon program works to assist its members to cope with the gambling problem and emotionally support the gamblers in recovery.

Regina has been a Gam-Anon member for 46 years. She was a practicing attorney before serving as Executive Secretary of the Gam-Anon International Service Office from 1994 – 2019 and is currently CEO of the Gam-Anon International Service Office.  She is a member of the NCPG Recovery Committee.

Complimentary  Break

  • Living Your Values, Multiplying Your Positive Feelings, Avoid Covid-19 Fatigue/Burnout: Patricia Jirovetz & Ann Frintner 
  • The Compulsive Gambler, Mind Games, Manipulations, and Relationships:  Regina K.
  • How Do YOU Define Gambling?: Doug LaBelle
  • Ethics of Technology in 21st Century Psychotherapy:  Andrew Bailey


Complimentary Break

  • How Most Financial Advisors Get It Wrong: What Makes Gamblers’ Family Financial Pictures So Different:  Dan Smith 
  • Bearing Witness to Pain: Coping With Secondary Trauma: Scott Webb 
  • Addictions at the Verge: What Happens When Addictions Combine and What Happens to Gambling?:  Andrew Schreier 
  • Ethics of Technology in 21st Century Psychotherapy:  Andrew Bailey

Complimentary Lunch

  • Engaging Recovery in Times of Chaos
    Daniel Lloyd Smith, BACC, LCSW, Program Director, Assessment Counseling Solutions, St. Louis, MO

Turmoil, chaos, and disillusionment are especially  common in early recovery from process addictions. Attending many meetings, working the steps, and obtaining a sponsor are wonderful and necessary antidotes, but this presentation addresses what can be done to heal the rifts between loved ones, to reengage social and vocational successes, and to begin a life of recovery and not just simple abstinence. This is        especially pertinent during and following 2020 and the pandemic when in-person counseling and in-person support meetings were thrown into chaos: A new opportunity presented!


Complimentary Break

  • Youth Gambling: Trends, Prevention, and Treatment:  Ken Winters 
  • You Bet Your Life: Addressing Problem Gambling in Corrective Settings:  Fred Dyer 
  • Groups: Therapy, Recovery, Support, and Fun: Jim Harrison (Part 1 – Thursday Only) 
  • Ethics of Technology in 21st Century Psychotherapy:  Andrew Bailey (4:15pm)

These are open meetings.

Special Presentation During the Awards Banquet: Trinity Irish Dancers
Facilitated by Jim Harrison, MS, CSAC, LPC, ICGC-II, and BACC

It is often expressed to our clients that there are many “recovery  activities one can be part of that are not specifically recovery related activities.” Cultural diversity and ethnicity training and activities can be part of one’s new recovery program. Members of the audience will have the opportunity to be part of an Irish dance group and learn some of the dances. This activity will allow them to immerse themselves in the culture.