Friday, March 18th Agenda

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  • Rose Blozinski, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling


  • The Heart of Problem Gambling: Compassion and Self-Compassion in Treatment, Public Awareness and Responsible Gambling.

Loreen Rugle, PhD, ICGC-II/BACC, ICGD, Painesville, OH   

I was recently asked by an experienced counselor in the field of substance use disorders, how to address her countertransference reaction to a client with a gambling disorder who was ruining the finances of his family beyond repair. The counselor stated that she just felt very angry in hearing the story of this client. This incident reminded me of the stigma associated with gambling disorder and the difficulty among the public and even among behavioral health professionals of generating compassion for the suffering of those with this disorder.

This presentation will explore practices and strategies for developing and sustaining compassion in our treatment, advocacy and responsible gambling efforts and ways to help individuals and families addressing gambling problems develop compassion and self-compassion as a key part of their recovery process.


Complimentary Break

  • Setting and Keeping Healthy Boundaries with Your Gambler: Abby Janssen 
  • How to Cultivate and Maximize Legislative Initiatives ToStrengthen Problem Gambling Awareness and Programs: Brianne Doura-Schawohl
  • Facilitating Change: Science Backed Gambling Treatment Tools: Heather Chapman

Complimentary Break

  • Responsible Gambling or Harm Reduction? – Clinical Differences and Goals: Doug LaBelle 
  • Suicide and Gambling: Jerry Bauerkemper 
  • How To Identify And Deal With The Financial Problems That May Arise From Problem Gambling: Jim Harrison

Complimentary Lunch

  • 54321 Approach to Sports Betting

 Brianne Doura-Schawohl,

This interactive session will examine an overview of the sports wagering landscape in the US, the primary ways that US gambling stakeholders are setting up a foundation (policies) across the globe. The presentation will end highlighting two of the biggest takeaways and lessons learned from legalized sports wagering since the overturning of PASPA and conclude with a call to action for all problem gambling advocates, educators, and stakeholders.

Complimentary Break

  • Gambling Among Substance Use Populations: Andrew Schreier 
  • From Relapse to Recovery Through Self-Reconciliation: Edward Ramsey 
  • Daughter, Wife, Mom, Employee—The Many Faces of Women Gamblers: LeAnne Holden and Doug LaBelle