Webinar: Suicide Among the Problem Gambling Disordered Population, 1.5 CEUs for $20



Start Time

10:00 am

End Time

11:30 am

About the Event

This workshop will discuss the prevalence of suicide among those with a gambling disorder (312.31). Those with gambling issues are much more likely than the general public and even those with other addictions to contemplate and/or attempt suicide.

This workshop will:

  1. Provide examples of clients who have contemplated/planned and attempted suicide to help the participant understand the variety or reasons and ways gamblers attempt suicide
  2. Provide evaluation tools to help the counselor to identify and address those gambling clients who are at greatest risk for suicide
  3. Provide counselors counseling tips for those who have ongoing therapy with gambling suicidal clients

10am – 11:30am CDT


  1. Participants will be given examples of past clients and their motivation and method of suicidal plan and attempt
  2. Participants will be given the statistical prevalence of suicide among those with a gambling disorder
  3. Participants will be given some testing and counseling questions that will help them identify those gambling disordered clients who are contemplating/planning/attempting suicide
  4. Participants will be given counseling options and tips on how to actively address suicide and work with suicidal gambling disordered clients

Presenters Bio:

Jerry Bauerkemper BS, CDGC Past Executive Director of the Nebraska Council on Compulsive Gambling. Mr. Bauerkemper was the first director of problem gambling (1992 to 1996) for the state of Nebraska where he created the Gamblers Assistance program and pioneered the treatment of gambling counseling in Nebraska. In addition he was appointed and served on the Nebraska’s Commission on Problem Gambling. Jerry served on the Board of Directors for the National Council on Problem Gambling from 2001-2008. Jerry currently serves on the National Councils’ Legislative committee where he helps raise awareness of problem gambling in Washington DC. Mr. Bauerkemper has been providing counseling to gambling families since 1986. He has published research on the prevalence of problem gambling in the Nebraska Probation Department. He received the “First Step” award in 1999 for his work with problem gamblers. Mr. Bauerkemper is a nationally recognized expert on problem gambling and has provided training throughout the United States and South East Asia.

Currently he is serving as a consultant to the Iowa disordered gambling program He is responsible for helping gambling treatment providers help is re-engaging gamblers and their families experiencing issues and problems with gambling.

Jerry has been employed at IDPH since November 2020. Jerry retired in 2020 and currently lives on Galveston Island Texas.  When Eric Preuss contacted him and asked if he would help and Jerry absolutely jumped at the chance. He was a gambling provider in south central Iowa before retiring and he has a great affection for both Iowa and gamblers experiencing problems. Jerry has a great deal of experience in both developing and maintaining a gambling counseling practice as well as the administrative side of state government.

I have traveled all around the United states training counselors on how to work with gambling families and it just seemed a natural fit to end my career where it all started in Iowa. My hope is when I am finished any gambling family suffering the consequences of disordered gambling can find competent help in their area. To that end I will do my best to help. – Jerry Bauerkemper