Webinar: Problem Gambling and Domestic Violence (AKA: Intimate Partner Violence) 1.5 CEU $20

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Start Time

10:00 am

End Time

11:30 am

About the Event

Domestic Violence, a term first generally used in 1973, describes a reality of humanness that goes back to ancient times.  While terminology may change, the impacts of unhealthy, abusive, and violent relationships seem to expand and intensify. Learn about the integration of this human reality with another – Gambling.  Whether it’s called Domestic Violence or Intimate Partner Violence, it can be a component of the multiple negative impacts on the Gambler, Spouse, Children and other Loved Ones.  Learn statistics, terminology, tools and other resources to help you identify, assess and work with this devastating, and frequent, co-occurring issue.


  1. Identify and explain background, history and current impacts of what today is termed either Domestic Violence or Intimate Partner Violence (or both).
  2. Share and discuss data connecting Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence, including Child Abuse and Neglect, directly with Gambling and Gambling Disorder.
  3. List and review multiple identification and assessment tools and techniques that can be utilized to help attendees work with Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence in the worlds of Gambling and Gambling Disorder.