Webinar: Let’s Talk Gambling and Blockchain/Crypto/NFT – 1.5 CEUs for $20

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Start Time

10:00 am

End Time

11:30 am

About the Event

Gambling has long been defined as a combination of Something of Value, Chance and Risk of Loss.  While these basics remain unchanged, the world around them is quickly moving into the ever-evolving Digital World (aka: The Metaverse).  To stay current requires a basic understanding of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT and other Digital World realities now impacting the World of Gambling.  This presentation will help establish an important level of knowledge and realities of these new, challenging and very real dilemmas impacting the World of Gambling.

10am – 11:30am CDT

Objectives for the Webinar:

  1. Identify, discuss and confirm some groundwork principles and realities of Gambling that involve Something of Value, Chance and Risk of Loss.
  2. Establish a basic understanding of the usage and impacts of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT and Other Digital World Technology on the Gambling World and those negatively impacted in this World.
  3. Identify, examine and confirm the growing risks for Gambling, Gamblers and those whose lives could be negatively impacted by this progressive movement into the Digital World of Gambling.

Presenter Bio: 

Doug LaBelle, LCSW, CEAP, ICGC II, IGDC is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Employee Assistance Professional, International Certified Gambling Counselor II, International Gaming Disorder Certificate, and a Trainer for the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling.  He has over 35 years of experience as an Administrator, Clinician, Trainer and Consultant with Behavioral Health Disorders including Gambling/Gambling Disorder and Video Gaming/Gaming Disorder.