Webinar: College Gambling – When It Becomes Something More

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Start Time

10:00 am

End Time

11:30 am

About the Event

College has been described as an experience in discovery – new friends, ideas, opportunities and risks.  For 75% of college students, the fun and excitement of Gambling is part of that discovery process.  However, for 6% of college Gamblers, Gambling fun and excitement can transition to unreasonable risk taking that could result in financial loss, school problems, behavioral health problems and a suicide risk up to 15 times greater than the general population.  This presentation will discuss risks and realities of college Gambling that, for some, can become something more than fun and excitement.

Goals and Objectives

To be able to identify, explain and utilize:

  1. Some specific Gambling and Gaming terminology that is directly applicable to identifying, understanding and helping college students dealing with Gambling and Gambling related problems
  2. The 3 most common types of Gambling by college students and some of the growing Gambling related risks, including suicide, faced by this age group as they move through their college years
  3. Details about the growing convergence between Gambling and Video Gaming, how Gambling mechanics are integrated into a variety of Video Games and the connected risks factors for both Gambling and Video Gaming.
  4. Some Screening and Assessment tools for use in working with college students around Gambling and Gaming Disorder.