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March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

For the nineteenth year, Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling, in collaboration with the National Council on Problem Gambling, dedicates the month of March to helping people. The campaign theme “Awareness + Action” is all about taking specific action and having conversations about problem gambling issues and directing people to the help they may need. Approximately 2 million U.S. adults (1% of the population) are estimated to meet criteria for gambling disorder. Another 4-6 million (2-3%) are considered to meet criteria for problem gambling. And yet for many residents of the US, gambling remains a hidden addiction.

Gambling Disorder Screening Day is March 9th – Click here for a free tool kit

Proclamation Problem Gambling Awareness Month

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Problem Gambling Frequently Asked Questions

We provide education, awareness, and resources on problem gambling disorders.

Do you need to speak to someone directly? You can call 1-800-GAMBLE-5 (1-800-426-2535),
chat with someone online, or text 850-888-HOPE (850-888-4673).
We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Throughout this website, you’ll find a host of resources related to problem gambling. Whether you’re someone with a gambling problem, or a loved one or family member of someone with a gambling problem, or a provider, we have the support you need.

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We provide outreach and educational programs to many groups, including prisons, churches, senior groups, employers, and more.
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Take part in conferences and training opportunities about problem gambling.
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Our resources include meeting information, insightful brochures, provider info, and recovery stories.
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